Lines in sequence is a new body of work that has been in development for the past year. The work seeks to draw influence from current social attitudes and trends that hint towards a potential paradigm shift in the way we collectively connect with one another or/and perceive ourselves; where physical space and distance almost seem negligible with no role to play.

Looking to the future, the work also addresses a slow migration towards a digitised existence in which organic matter is soon replaced by structured data and the only retention of humanity is sustained through an illusive polygon based human facade.  In this new state, the boundaries of self, quickly appear blurred, identity lost, copied or even corrupted.

Working in parallel with all this, I have been digitising subjects with the use of 3D scanning; capturing their façade and transferring it into malleable data. The data is manipulated and reformed to create works of a complex nature built on the simplicity of lines.

Sequence of Self in Dispute & Indifference 2016
Fine art print on 300gsm cotton pressed paper
H100 X W145cm – €800 (ED. /10)
H82 X W112cm – €650 (ED. /10)

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